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How We Can Help

LET's GSD Consulting LLC offers clients exceptional knowledge and experience in the following areas of product development and manufacturing:

  • Creating innovative products that meet consumer demands and regulatory standards.

  • Development and optimization of food processes for achieving high quality products.

  • Conducting research and development to create cost-effective, safe and nutritious products.

  • Monitoring the performance and quality of products.

  • Successfully implementing projects from conception to completion

  • Troubleshoot problems in a systematic way.

We are committed to helping our clients develop and improve products, processes and operations for success and efficiency. By utilizing Lauren's experience, creativity and problem-solving skills, we can help your business develop a competitive advantage in the market.

Lauren Tamburro, President of LET's GSD Consulting LLC. Women in Business. Women in Cannabis

Lauren Tamburro


Our Services


Product Development

We can help you with formulation, prototyping, nutrition fact panels and ingredient lines, product trends, flavors, and pack sizes of a variety of products. These include, but are not limited to: ready-to-drink beverages, hard candy, mints and tablets, capsules, gummies and jellies, drink mix and protein powders, protein bars, and chewing gum. We can also help you work with the Food Processing Authority for beverages.



We can help you find manufacturing partners, select ingredients and suppliers, and choose the best equipment. We can help you create standard operating procedures. And we can assist you in scaling up from the bench to production.



We can help you set multi-year business strategies, guide you through project planning from concept to commercialization, advise you regarding project management, and help with COGS and margin analysis.



We can help you troubleshoot any problems  that might arise with product development, manufacturing, laboratory processes, or anything related to our list of services. 

About our President - Lauren Tamburro

Lauren's qualifications and skills extend across several industries including food, beverage, and cannabis. 


Lauren has a BS in Biochemistry, a MBS in Food Science (an MBA and an MS), and 19 years of progressive work experience within start-up and multinational food and beverage companies. 


With 3 years of hemp and cannabis experience as Director of Technical Services and Sales, Vice President of Research and Development, and Vice President of Products at Vertosa, Lauren has been a trusted partner to over 100 companies. This has encompassed working across all departments, Business to Business, with manufacturers, laboratories, regulatory agencies, and with industry associations. 


Authoring industry articles and speaking at webinars and in-person conferences has allowed Lauren to share her knowledge and help build the cannabis industry with an emphasis on science.

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